Broadband Technology Project

A grassroots approach to assessing and developing local broadband capacity and cross-sector partnerships
Across Vermont, broadband availability, adoption and related information technology use varies widely. Yet it is clear that adoption and use of broadband technologies are crucial to the success of our state and its communities. The Vermont Telecommunications Plan will be successful if the state’s residents, governments, businesses, organizations and institutions aggressively pursue and utilize broadband infrastructure, both existing and soon-to-be deployed, and utilize the best available (fixed and mobile) broadband technology. The Broadband Technology Project addresses the fifth goal of the Vermont 2010 Telecommunication Plan: Ubiquitous adoption and use of broadband at home and work.

Vermont’s Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) developed a network of contacts in communities and local sectors to assess where promising opportunities are available to further develop broadband technology adoption and use. These Regional Technology Planning Teams used the Vermont Telecommunications Plan and other ongoing state-level efforts combined with local and regional knowledge to develop strategies and actions for integrated use of broadband technology. The Broadband Technology project also led to the creation of new cross sector partnerships, the identification of broadband technology gaps, and the creation of regional and statewide strategies and actions.

Broadband Plan
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