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Redevelopment Concepts
Final Report

Steering Committee Reviews Area Wide Buildout Concepts and Chooses Catalyst Sites!
The Steering Committee met on November 15th (Agenda, Summary) to consider specific criteria for methodically and fairly choosing the right catalyst sites to focus more intensive analysis on going forward.  They considered things such as location, size and development barriers.

The list of Catalyst Site Selection Criteria can be accessed here: Catalyst Site Selection Criteria

The consultants then present 4 area wide buildout concepts that explored various development opportunities and densities.

Buildout Concept 1 can be accessed here: Buildout Concept 1
Buildout Concept 2 can be accessed here: Buildout Concept 2
Buildout Concept 3 can be accessed here: Buildout Concept 3
Buildout Concept 4 can be accessed here: Buildout Concept 4

After discussing the merits of various sites in relation to the selection criteria, the Steering Committee chose the following catalyst sites:

Catalyst Site 1: Properties #1, #2 and #3
Catalyst Site 2: Properties #11 and #12
Catalyst Site 3: Properties #7 and #8

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Initial Market and Environmental Assessment Completed
The Steering Committee for the Targeted Area Wide Plan met on September 20th (Agenda, Summary) to hear presentations from the consulting team on the initial environmental assessment, initial market analysis and area-wide opportunities and constraints analysis. The take home from an environmental perspective was that there appear to be no absolute barriers to redevelopment and that the potential environmental issues can most likely be managed with on-site remediation that is not too costly.

The initial market assessment of the area found some significant challenges to redevelopment, including that the existing aesthetics of the area may deter redevelopment and that a significant investment in public infrastructure would likely be needed. Market rents for commercial/industrial uses are likely insufficient to support speculative office or warehouse redevelopment and the public sector would be likely need to close the gap between high project cost and low market rents. The assessment found the area is suited to multi-family, office and warehouse uses, but demand for office space is soft. There does appear to be demand for small warehouse and multi-family housing. Overall, the assessment concluded that redevelopment in the study area will need to take a long term view counting on public/private collaboration.

The Market Assessment report can be access here: Market Assessment
The Environmental Assessment Memo can be accessed here:Environmental Assessment Memo
The Area Wide Opportunities and Constraints Analysis can be accessed here: Area Wide Analysis


Brownfields Steering Committee July Agenda and Summary
Agenda - Summary   

Recent News & Events