Changing Market for Forest Products

The forest products created in the region and industry as a whole serves a different market today that it did historically. A 1952 publication from the University of Vermont Agricultural Extension Service titled “Markets for Vermont Woodland Product: Franklin and Grand Isle Counties” was utilized to develop a snapshot of the woodland product buyers in the region and surrounding area. In order to supplement the available data for the region on employment and to compare the change in forest products produced, the Forest Stewardship Committee identified and mapped forestry sector entities and resources as of 2014 based on local knowledge. The maps show the regional distribution of woodland producers in 1952 and 2014. In the 1950s, woodland product producers were largely distributed along transportation networks. However, in 2014 producers are more dispersed in the Region. This trend of locating further from the main transportation corridors is likely tied to the differences in the types of industry currently present with more self-employed and smaller employers versus more centralized facilities.