One of the legacies of the Northwest Region’s rich economic past is the challenge of reusing commercial and industrial properties. When these properties are abandoned, idled, or underused because business expansion or site redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination, they are known as brownfields.

The Northwest Region Brownfields Program (NRBP) is aimed at leveling the playing field for developing brownfield properties by helping owners and prospective developers address environmental challenges through environmental assessment, cleanup planning and cleanup funding. Our goal is to help recycle properties back into use as industrial or commercial sites, as green space, or for housing, non-profit or municipal uses.


Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and free of charge. Inquiries into the program are held confidential to protect property owners who are undecided about program benefits.

For more information on brownfields, please contact Greta Brunswick at (802) 524-5958 or by email: GBrunswick at