Targeted Area Planning Project

This project was a strategic planning effort that encouraged private investment and guided private and public investment around a community supported vision for the Catherine, Market and Stebbins Street area.  The project provided property owners and potential developers with reuse concepts and risk analysis to facilitate redevelopment and improvement of high priority properties.  This intersection was along the planned Federal Street Multi-Modal Connector project and a prime spot to focus revitalization efforts given the imminent sidewalk and roadway improvements, proximity to downtown St. Albans and the fact that many properties are vacant or underused.

The work was conducted for the Northwest Regional Planning Commission on behalf of the City of St. Albans by White and Burke along with Sanborn Head and SE Group under the guidance of a Project Steering Committee.

The project consisted of the following main components:

  1. The investigation of land use, environmental and market conditions for the area;

  2. A public visioning/design workshop;

  3. Reuse concepts for selected sites with corresponding feasibility assessments and renderings; and

  4. A compiled area wide plan and implementation suggestions.

Contact Greta Brunswick, Project Manager and Senior Planner, for more information at (802) 524-5958 or by email: GBrunswick at

Project Files

Market Assessment Report

Environmental Assessment Memo

Area Wide Opportunities and Constraints Analysis

Catalyst Site Selection Criteria

Buildout Concept 1

Buildout Concept 2

Buildout Concept 3

Buildout Concept 4

Redevelopment Concepts

Final Report

Final Report Appendices