What is GIS?

GIS stands for "geographic information system" and refers to computer mapping tools and resources. When digital information is geographically referenced it can be used to create map layers as well as to perform analyses and even model hypothetical situations ("what if?" scenarios). GIS has been used by the defense, natural resources, and planning communities for many years, and is now being used by many more sectors including transportation, marketing, utilities, emergency management, sales, and education, to name just a few.


The Northwest Regional Planning Commission serves the counties of Franklin and Grand Isle. We provide GIS services to the northwest region of Vermont on projects that involve land use planning, transportation planning, emergency planning, and community development.

GIS Data and Information

If you are interested in finding GIS Data and information visit the State of Vermont's Open Geodata Portal website.


For more information on GIS Services, please contact Emily Adams at (802) 524-5958 or by email: EAdams at