Help Realize the Vision for Highgate Village Core:

Solutions for Wastewater and Water Supply

The Town is beginning to study wastewater and water supply solutions for Highgate Center with a VT Wastewater Planning Advance and a 2020 Municipal Planning Grant. The study will:

Did you know?

In Highgate Center, wastewater treatment and water supply are managed by individual onsite systems.

Individual on-site wastewater treatment and water supply may be limiting development potential in the Village, including on the Village Core Property.

What are Wastewater Solutions?

  •  Decentralized. A variety of in-ground collection and treatment (septic) systems.

  • Range in size and number from serving just one property to connecting a whole village.

  • Funding for design and construction solutions implemented through a variety of means to reduce costs. 

Identify cost effective and appropriately scaled solutions for Highgate Center.

Ensure solutions are protective of public health and safety.

Prioritize solutions that will service the vision for development and growth in Highgate Center, including the Village Core Property specifically.

Do you live, own property

or operate a business in

Highgate Center?

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If so, please help by filling out a SURVEY! Copies will be mailed to properties within the Highgate Center village area. The survey may also be completed online, see link below. This survey will remain open until March 31, 2020.

An informational meeting will be held on March 24, 2020 a 6:00 PM at the Highgate Town Office.

For more information contact:

Greta Brunswick, Project Manager by email or at (802) 524-5958. 


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