Northwest Regional Planning Commission provides technical services to its member municipalities.


NRPC’s Professional Staff
  • develops and reviews municipal plans, zoning bylaws, subdivision regulations, impact fee ordinances, capital budget plans, and other local planning tools;

  • provides professional assistance on local ordinances and bylaw administration, infrastructure planning, and other implementation projects;

  • obtains and administers grant funds for community development, housing, economic development, capital improvements, recreation, conservation, and infrastructure improvements.

Highlights from 2018
  • Completed workshops attended by municipal staff and volunteers from 19 municipalities on the Essentials of Land Use Planning and developing housing in downtowns and village centers.  

  • Reviewed and provided regional approval to 5 municipal plans (Franklin, Richford, St. Albans City, St. Albans Town, Fairfax). Reviewed and provided a positive determination of energy compliance to 4 municipal plans (Fairfax, Highgate, Richford, Swanton) 

  • Drafted updates to development regulations for Berkshire, Fletcher, Montgomery, Fairfield and Alburgh. 

  • Worked cooperatively with Fairfax, Richford, Franklin, and St. Albans Town on municipal plan updates and rewrites.

  • Helped Alburgh, Franklin and Highgate complete their renewal applications for designated village centers. 

  • Assisted the Richford Selectboard in amending the Richford Housing Code to ensure compliance with state statute.

  • Began work on a Village Master Plan with the Town and Village of Alburgh. 

  • Answered general planning and zoning technical assistance questions for Alburgh, Berkshire, Bakersfield, Enosburgh, Enosburg Falls, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia, Grand Isle, Highgate, Montgomery, North Hero, Richford, Sheldon, St. Albans City, St. Albans Town, and South Hero.