List of Committee Members

Rowena Brown, Chair

Sarah Hadd

Leonard Charron

Elisabeth Nance

Wesley Kempton

Agendas, Minutes & Supporting Documents

2020 - July (Agenda, Minutes)

                  Hearing Notice

                  Enosburgh Unified Plan

                  Enosburgh Unified Plan Appendix D

                  Town & Village of Enosburgh Unified Plan Review

                  North Hero Town Plan

                  Town North Hero Plan Review

2018 - November (Agenda, Minutes)

                  Hearing Notice

                  Bakersfield Town Plan

                  Bakersfield Town Plan Review

                  Bakersfield Energy Planning Standards

                  Bakersfield Implementation Assessment

                  Montgomery Town Plan

            October (Agenda, Minutes)

            September (Agenda, Minutes)

            July (Minutes)

            January (Minutes)

            October (Agenda, Minutes)




2016 - January (Minutes)

            September 1, 2016 (Minutes)

            September 28, 2016 (Minutes)

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