Traffic Impact

US Route 2 at the temporary drawbridge is open to two lanes of traffic. The contractor is working from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Saturday.

The temporary bridge has a speed limit of 25 mph. There are tight curves approaching the temporary bridge, and trucks are advised to reduce speed to 15 mph. Bicycles should use caution while crossing the bridge.

The work zone speed limit is enforced, and individuals have been ticketed for excessive speeding. Obeying the speed limit is extremely important for everyone’s safety.

Notice to Mariners

The drawbridge opens on the top of the hour between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, daily. You may request a bridge opening by contacting the bridge tender on Channel 13 or at 802-372-4360. The bridge will not open unless a request is made.

All mariners must pass with extreme caution and NO WAKE.

Construction Activities

On the west side of the existing bridge, the contractor has been working to install reinforcing steel and formwork for the approach wall and south horseshoe wall sections of the pier. Concrete is being placed today. Next week, the crew will continue to work on the south horseshoe section.  


On the east side of the existing bridge, the contractor mobilized a new crane. The Manitowoc 999 crane has a capacity of 275 tons and is slightly larger and taller than the previous crane.

This week, the contractor began preparing the third lift approach wall and final channel side parapet wall for concrete. Concrete will be placed today. Next week, they will continue forming the third lift of the piers by working on the north and south horseshoe sections.