List of Committee Members (voting)

David Jescavage - Town of Swanton

Tim Smith - Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation

Mike Blouin - LMS Realty

Lazarus Scangas - Arnold & Scangas Architects

Brian Monaghan - Walsh & Monaghan, LLP

John Leddy - Northwest Solid Wast District

Chip Sawyer - City of St. Albans

List of Committee Members (non-voting)

Dorrie Paar - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Trish Coppolino - VT Department of Environmental Conservation

Agendas & Minutes

2022 - January (Agenda, Minutes)

            March (Agenda, Minutes)

            April (Agenda, Minutes)

2021 - March 8 (Agenda, Minutes)

            March 15 (Agenda, Minutes)

            April (Agenda, Minutes)

            June (Agenda, Minutes)

            October 18 (Agenda, Minutes)

2020 - January 9 (Agenda, Minutes)

            January 16 (Agenda, Minutes)

            January 31 (Agenda, Minutes)

            February (Agenda, Minutes)

            March (Agenda, Minutes)

            May (Agenda, Minutes)

            July (Agenda, Minutes)

            November (Agenda, Minutes)