Housing serves as a foundation for individuals to lead full and healthy lives, for communities to be vibrant and inclusive, and for the local and regional economy to grow and prosper. All people need access to housing that is affordable, safe, energy efficient and accessible to jobs, services, schools, recreation, and transportation. 

NRPC Housing Goals from the 2017 Northwest Regional Plan:

  1. Ensure that high-quality, safe and affordable housing is available to residents of the region.

  2. Ensure that new and rehabilitated residential development will reinforce and reflect the traditional forms and patterns of residential community settlements and will efficiently utilize existing and planned infrastructure.

  3. Promote the construction of housing in areas that are convenient to employment, services, retail, public transportation, recreation facilities and schools.

  4. Support innovative planning, design and construction of housing to minimize long-term living costs; have minimal impact on natural resources, open space and significant agricultural and forestlands; avoid adverse environmental impacts; and achieve greater energy efficiency.

Current Housing Projects