South Hero is working on a major update of its Town Plan and your participation is important!


The goals of this town plan update include:

Develop & communicate a unified vision for the future of South Hero

Better address current issues facing South Hero

Create a plan that is user-friendly and readable


The updated town plan will help guide the Town’s decisions around land use, infrastructure investments, and more. Input from town residents will inform the vision & goals of the plan.

The Town has received a grant from the Agency of Commerce and Community Development to complete this town plan update. The Town will be working with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission to conduct public outreach and to draft the updated plan.

The current Town Plan can be accessed here.

More about Town Plans

A town plan is a planning document that serve as a long-term guide for future decisions the town will need to make around land use, infrastructure and more. Town plans reflect the vision of the community for the future of the town and identify what steps are needed to achieve that vision. The town plan serves as the basis for the town’s zoning regulations. A town plan must be updated every 8 years.

Questions & Comments

There are many opportunities and ways to get involved and/or stay informed about the South Hero Plan update.  Visit the Community Outreach and Engagement section of this website to learn how.

Have any initial questions or concerns about the process or what the plan should address?  You can comment below.